Teachers and Staff

 Robin is the lead instructor and co-owner of Leavenworth Yoga.  She is currently completing her RYT 500 certification and has begun her internship as a Yoga Therapist.  Robin is originally from the south but has lived all over the country, most recently moving to Leavenworth, Kansas from New York City.  She has been practicing yoga for almost fifteen years and has been teaching for the last seven.  Robin is active in local animal rescue organizations and can often be found in her library studying anatomy with Henry Grey, her full-size skeleton.  Check out our class schedule to see the times and classes that Robin teaches.   




Amy has been practicing yoga for more than ten years and has been teaching for four. She is an RYT-200 certified instructor with a focus on energetic, vinyasa style classes. She has lived all over the world, first as a military child, and now as a military spouse. Amy teaches the Wednesday and Thursday morning Vinyasa classes. Amy enjoys running and a nice glass of wine, preferably not at the same time, but she’s open to the challenge.


Chris is a career active duty military officer. Chris was first exposed to yoga in 2001 when his orthopedic surgeon told him yoga was his primary means for fitness and that he should consider incorporating yoga into his exercise regime. “Nope!” In 2015, a little more open, looking for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing Chris began yoga with a video, eventually expanding his practice. The discovery of the benefits of an on and off mat practice were transformational. Chris can relate with current and former military members regarding how yoga can help with physical and emotional injuries related to service.  Chris is now an RYT-200 instructor and loves to share his passion for yoga on and off the mat.  Chris is eternally grateful for the positive experience his first teachers created and the relationships that have been formed along his journey.  Chris enjoys his time with his family and their two dogs.




Jan has been practicing yoga for more than fifteen years and has been teaching for more than seven.  Her passion is Restorative Yoga and she is gifted at understanding each individual’s specific needs.



  Rachael is an RYT-200 yoga instructor and is also a classically trained ballet dancer and instructor.  She teaches Vinyasa and is also one of our primary youth and children instructors.



Randee is one of our newest instructors but she is in no way new to yoga.  Like many people, she was at first dismissive of yoga but when the time and place clicked for her, she pursued it with a passion.  Randee is an RYT-200 instructor and teaches our Yoga 101 class, as well as all levels of Vinyasa.



  Carol is an RYT-200 instructor and has been teaching at Leavenworth Yoga for about a year now.  She has not yet returned her bio sheet to me so that means I get to start making up stuff.  Carol is a famous bear wrestler and has devoted her life to crafting multi-lensed spectacles for bees with vision problems.




Nicole is an RYT 200 instructor with a passion for Yin Yoga, Restorative, and Meditation.  She skillfully works those elements into each of her classes.  She is an Army wife, a mother of two sons, and a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.  Nicole has applied to NASA’s fitness therapy program and hopes to be the first yogi on the moon.


Becky has been practicing yoga for most of her life but has only begun teaching in the last year.  She is now an RYT-200 certified instructor.  When not teaching yoga, she performs as the lead singer in a Metallica tribute band and hopes to start a heavy metal yoga class soon.





Brionna is one of our newest instructors.  She received her RYT-200 this last year but she is also a school teacher so she has a wealth of teaching experience.  She leads our Yoga for Teachers class on Tuesdays and our Vinyasa class on Thursdays.  Brionna tells everyone that she is Ravenclaw, but we all know that she is really Slytherin.

  Isabelle is our resident henna artist.  She is currently a pre-med junior at KU and will be happy to discuss the three H’s (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Dr. Who) with you while designing your custom henna tattoo.



This is Thad.  He is the business manager.  That part is boring.  Let’s move on.